Virgo Men in Love | What You Can Expect from a Virgo Man in Love

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Virgo men offer long term love! Unlike, for example, Aquarius men who offer repeated love in on off relationships, Virgo man will sustain and maintain his love for you – if he loves you – for his entire life. But that’s a big “if”!  Virgo women offer long term love also but the male and the female of the species have little else in common.

The problem is with a Virgo man (apart from being so tidy and regimented it could send you round the bend) is that the “in love” switch just doesn’t get turned on that easily. This means you could be friends with a Virgo man for years, you could be 100% compatible… 200% even… but that doesn’t automatically mean he’ll fall for you. Something just has to happen but nobody actually seems to know exactly what.

Another problem with Virgo men is that they find themselves in relationships with objectionable women and cannot get out of them. Some Virgo men would rather develop a drink problem than deal with a relationship which is just all wrong. It seems they get out of dud relations eventually but this is usually down to the their partners ending it. This situation saves them from true love and they do realise this but only in retrospect. Weird eh?

  • Question: How do you pull a Virgo? Answer: with difficulty.

Astrology Gems: VirgoThis account is based on the Virgo men I have known and watched mature. It might make the Virgo man sound difficult but you can get false hope from other sites (if that’s what you are after) and that’s not the point of this website. If you end up with a Virgo man you will be pleased. He’ll organise you or step in and sort all administration, bill paying, tax returns…you name it as and when needed. Knowing this takes the pressure of you Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and gives the other Earth signs (Taurus and Capricorn) free reign.  Virgo can add pace to the life of Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and co-exist totally amicably with Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius).

It is good to see a Virgo man in love and in a relationship with her or him. It is like witnessing a man grow up – all of a sudden there is something in his life to work towards. This is when he becomes rich and successful (if he’s got it in him) and this force to succeed increases as and when children are added to the equation. Virgo men in love are good providers.

Pendant Zodiac VIRGO Sign NecklaceThe best Virgo relationships are with partners who’ve enough baggage (past bad relationships) to enable their appreciation of a relationship with their Virgo man. Virgos are not erratic; they can be dependable and friendly and these types are most worthwhile.